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So this was actually a few months ago (sorry!), but I wanted to play it before I made a post, so I would know what I was talking about: my Commander Keen fan character from Return to the Shadowlands has been made central to a Commander Keen mod by VikingBoyBilly. I didn't even know there were people modding Commander Keen, but theres actually enough people doing it that some communities hold contests:…

Marta's Moon Adventure is beautifully realized, tough as nails, and remarkably dead-on as to my perception of the character. Be warned, the first level of this mod is as difficult as some of the later levels in the original game, and if you're not used to some of the specific mechanics of the game (like the crouching delay before a jump, which really ought to be a part of more modern day platformers) you'll have some trouble, but it's definitely worth the trial and error. The casting of the lunar alien life is charmingly appropriate.

On top of that, it was created within a span of 24 hours--which, if you recall, was also the parameter for completion of the first chapter of Return to the Shadowlands. (Unlike Return to the Shadowlands, however, it actually happened that way.)

Download and unzip the original commander keen (invasion of the vorticons) here:… then download from the contest site:… and extract the contents of the "Marta0" folder into the same directory where you unzipped the game. Overwrite files when prompted, then run MARTA0.BAT.

Not sure this works on macs, btw, but willing to be proven wrong.

Anyway, I owe you guys some more pages of this comic bigtime. Until then, have some watercolor doodles I did at Anime Super Con, graciously scanned by purchasers Kina-Maaka and xSugarxFairyx.
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VikingBoyBilly Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
Looks like this journal entry is still on your front page.  I got exciting news.  We finished the sequel!  It's the real Cadet Dyslexic Marta episode 1!
Get it here!…

I think it may be about time you get a pckf account, even if it's just to post on that one thread.
VikingBoyBilly Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
VikingBoyBilly Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
Author of Marta's Moon Adventure commenting.
We're working on a new Marta episode! It should be out by Keen Day (March 14th).
47ness Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011
More comics would be niiiiiiice-uh. v;
WolfenAmphithere Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011  Professional Artist
I can run the original Keen on my mac with Dosbox, so I assume the mod will work there too. I look forward to playing this ^_^ (and I really hope someday you decide to continue the comic!)
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